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Youth Athletes in Sport

Our team have a passion for helping active children and adolescents reach their sports potential. Excellent advice and guidance from a young age can help them stay in training, keep enjoying it, and reach their best.

Adolescents in sport aren’t big kids, nor are they little adults. There are many factors that mean they need different care, advice and management from adults for their injuries or sore spots.

Physical activity is known to be beneficial for this age group in so many ways – development of muscle strength and bone density, improved brain development, improved sleep, improved mental well being, social inclusion, and reduced risk of chronic health conditions like diabetes and obesity.

With our developed knowledge and understanding of the needs of active teens, we aim to:

  • Create the optimal environment for natural healing and recovery
  • Enable participation in activity, allowing development and performance
  • Create a reduced risk environment for activity
  • Prevent overtraining, injury, burn out and retirement

So these young players can have fun, spend time with friends, build their skills and enjoy competition.


When you book a consult for your adolescent, they’ll receive:

  • A 60 minute initial consultation
  • a thorough assessment taking into account their current issue, past injuries, activity participation history, then important factors like involvement with other teams and other sports, training and game schedules plus time frames to important competition / event dates.
  • a tailored home exercise program for their issue and the requirements of their sport
  • guidance about what activity they can do – disuse and deconditioning can be really detrimental in the recovery from injury and for future performance, so there won’t be much rest
  • education about training load monitoring and recovery practices to help them stay in the game in the future hands on treatment might be a useful part of the plan, but exercise and education will usually be the focus.
  • at the follow up consult, a written plan for a clear path to recovery
  • we can communicate directly with coaches as needed too, so there’s coordinated management and understanding between the player, parents, physio and coaches.