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Physio-led Exercise Classes

Clinical Pilates group exercise is available at our SA Aquatic Centre location

For those who aren’t confident at home or in a gym, and would like more support in returning to exercise and general activity, we are able to provide Physio-supervised group exercise as a way to provide options for cost-effective tailored exercise on your path to recovery and reaching your goals.

Each class participant will have their own tailored program built over 2-3 1:1 sessions addressing their own goals, then the program is performed independently in 50min class sessions (max 6 people per class) with supervision from a physio to ensure great technique, and the ability to adjust the program up or down depending on how you’re feeling that day.

With a number of membership and casual visit options available, there will be a structure to help you get moving and strong again.

Contact our Reception team to learn more.