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Tailored Exercise Rehabilitation and Conditioning

The key to lasting results from physio is rebuilding the components to allow your full participation and performance in your activity – your mobility, technique, coordination, strength, agility, and fitness.

Generic or one-size-fits-all programs can have great effects, if all those exercises are right for you, but often don’t take into consideration your specific injuries or sore spots, body characteristics, or your goals.

Our team will give you exercises for your specific deficits, and the fewer the better so there’s a realistic chance you’ll do them! So you only work on the aspects you need to change. And that’s different for everyone – even if they’ve got the same injury.

The other important part of rehabilitation is variety. What you train is what you get good at, but when it comes to sports, mostly your activity is reactive and unplanned, so the more variety you can put into your program – similar exercises done different ways – the better prepared you’ll be for the demands of your sport or activity.